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Personal Historian Interview
Frequently Asked Questions
Why can’t I do this myself?

  • We encourage families to record their stories on their own to share. Unfortunately, time and opportunity are precious commodities. Most families believe this is a great idea but never follow through. Procrastination robs families of their past.
  • Most families have a matriarch who wants to share the history behind the family name but are unable to use today’s technology to record, edit, and publish for their descendants.  
  • Even families with the most technologically savvy members procrastinate. Everyone believes there will always be another wedding, another birthday, another tomorrow. Our clients disagree.  

How do we reserve a date?

  • Simply email or call us. Only $100 and a signed contract are required to reserve the date for your interview.  

How much does this cost?
  • A better question is how much is this worth to you? Though our clients tell us the recordings are priceless however, our rates are actually quite reasonable.
  • See pricing page for specific details.

Why does this cost so much?
  • For every 60 minute interview filmed, there are over 10 hours of post-production work.

Are there group rates available?
  • Depending upon the number of sessions and our availability in your area, discounts may be available. Please check the pricing page for further details.

How do I pay?
  • To reserve a date, $100 is due.
  • Balance is due when the preview is available. 
  • All payments may be made using PayPal.

Can a family member ask the questions?
  • Absolutely! We encourage family participation.

Will you be the actual videographer who shoots the session or do you employ apprentice videographers?
  • When your date and times are reserved, they are yours. We cover only your session. When you book us, we will be there.

What are Suggestion Questions?
  • Suggestion questions that we provide are a simple list of questions most commonly asked during the interview. The purpose of the suggestion question is to give you a starting point. Everyone’s story is unique. The suggestions questions are merely a place to begin.

Will you take pictures during the interview?
  • Commonly we take pictures of the storyteller before the interview to include in the interview.

​drawing the stories out of my dad – many we had never heard before. 

We have asked him questions about his past and always got a quick, pat answer. But you guys were able to draw the whole story out of him in such a relaxed way – details and events we had never heard before. Words cannot express our gratitude."
     ---Carol H
"After viewing the DVD with my eight brothers and sisters, I couldn’t quit crying. You guys did such a great job of 
St. Louis Personal Historian Video Service

SoWhatsYourStoryVideo.com is a St. Louis Personal Historian video autobiographical interview service.  St. Louis Storytellers are interviewed in the comfort of their own home. From the interview and scanned photos, we create professionally recorded, edited, and digitally produced HD Video for you and your family to cherish for generations.

We help families throughout the St. Louis community document their life history for generations to come.  Our St. Louis Storytellers share family lineage, personal history, favorite memories, and vintage photos from their lives.

Time is a precious commodity...be it in the past, the present, or the future.  Now is the time to begin sharing your story.  There will never be another today.
Frequently Asked Questions