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We have always had a passion for the interview--hearing stories told from personal experiences. When our grandmother would recall stories from her childhood, we knew we needed to preserve these stories for our children and grand children.

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On-site Photo Scanning
Gathering Photos
"I was so thrilled my brother and I were able to record our mom's story.  I can't tell you how much I would have paid to have my late dad's laughter and stories to share with my daughter and grandkids."  ---Lyn H.

The Interview - Part One
*The Personal Historian Interview Process
Our services include the following steps.

Step 1. Before the Interview
  • Reserving the Date: Once a date is verified available, general questions answered, travel expenses estimated if applicable (contact for an official quote), and the deposit received, the interview date is reserved. We will then schedule an initial phone planning conversation with the storyteller and/or family member(s).  
  • Preliminary Contact: During the planning conversation with the storyteller, we will request the names and contact information of family members who may wish to participate in the process of information gathering. Phone interviews will be scheduled.
  • Interview Questions: Once initial interviews are completed, a list of preliminary questions will be generated and sent to the storyteller for review. During this phase, the interviewer will be chosen. Many times a family member is chosen to serve as the interviewer and ask the selected questions.  
  • Gathering Photos: We request gathering of up to twenty milestone photos (baby picture, wedding picture, service picture, etc.) prior to visit for on-site scanning during pre-production visit to include in the final cut of interview.
  • On-Site Photo Scanning:  All photos to be included in the final cut will be scanned on-site. This process eliminates the possibility of loss or damage. 

Step Two: Videography Interview
  • The Interview Part One: Our team arrives approximately one hour before the scheduled time of the interview to set up lighting, cameras, and microphone. Typically, the interview process will take three hours – from the moment our team arrives until they depart. Prepare the interviewer for the process. Review the selected questions and milestones to discuss. 
  • The Interview Part Two: Interview the storyteller—approximately sixty minutes of actual footage. 

Step Three: Post-Production (the most important, time-intensive step)
  • Post-Production: Within thirty days of the interview, short, low-resolution highlight clips will be available for review.  
  • HD Footage: Within eight weeks, the HD interview footage will be available for Vimeo Download or by DVD.  
Personal Historian Interview Process