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Capturing the Moment
My interest in photography and video started when I was quite young.  It has run the gambit from the earliest 110 Kodak cameras to black and white film developing to large format to the jump to digital.  I have always been interested in capturing the moment.  My experience has ranged from thousands of sporting events to countless weddings as well as a limitless amount of time spent in the studio. 

Personal Historian Interviews
In the late part of the 1990’s I convinced my mother and father to interview my Grandmother.  Of course, it was a bit unorganized and amateur but it is priceless to us now.  My Grandmother passed away in 1998 yet her great-grandchildren and great, great-grandchildren will know who she actually was.  They will hear her stories and her laugh and this video will continue to allow her to remain in our lives forever.  I only wish that I had the foresight to interview each and every grandparent that I had.  But unfortunately that time has come and gone.  

How it all began!
When my paternal grandmother was in her eighties, my brother recorded our grandmother sharing stories about where she was born, meeting grandpa, and memories of our father as a child. I remember watching the VHS tape and thinking how wonderful it was to freeze time and to capture her essence.

 Before the birth of my first grandchild, I transferred Grandma’s interview to DVD and burned copies for our family for Christmas.  The time seemed fitting linking the past with the future. Now, more than nine years after her death, whenever I watch her DVD, I am transported back in time to her kitchen table and am reminded of her laughed, her smile, and the stories she shared. I am so grateful to have this recording and yet saddened we were unable to record our other grandparents. Not only have they left us in spirit, but they also took with them the legacy of our family.

Photography Studio

During the past ten years my brother and I set up a studio and photographed many weddings, newborns, and families. When my youngest daughter began working with us and became interested in taking over the photography studio, Damon and I decided to expand our love of capturing the moment through videography.  We love preserving the past, listening to our clients share their past so their children and grandchildren will remember them - just like Grandma Gilbert’s.
As photographers, we find that pictures can speak a thousand words, but a video can speak a lifetime...